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The technical company I.S.A S.A was founded in 1981 in order to offer its technical services as well as the experience of its executives in the field of industry and building complexes throughout the territory. The executives that constitute the core of the Company come from the field of major Technical Works and have long-term applied experience in the fields of Design, Construction and Management of Technical Works.


Our company employees permanent Scientific and Technical staff, with specialization, training and experience. At the same time the company uses a large network of strictly selected partners in the execution of projects. At I.S.A S.A we have created a friendly and efficient work environment, rewarding responsibility, encouraging teamwork and equal opportunities for all. The permanent goal of our company is to provide its human resources with continuous lifelong learning, through specialized education and training programs, with the aim of maintaining highly specialized scientific personnel in all jobs.




Services - Products Offered

  • Planning and Design Studies
  • Electromechanical Works
  • Building Projects
  • Energy & Environmental Projects
  • Technical Support Services
  • Management - Project Management
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Certification - Inspection of Electrical Installations according to ELOT HD384
  • Certification - Inspection of Medium Voltage Substations and Medium Voltage Transformers




Corporate Policy

I.S.A.'s corporate policy is based on creativity, entrepreneurship and focus on our customers' requirements and the ability to adapt to an ever-changing business environment. We believe in ability, quality efficiency and innovative thinking. We operate on the basis of the I.S.A. code of conduct, which guides us in adopting good business behavior.


The company's philosophy regarding the provision of integrated services is governed by the following basic principles:


  • Immediate service
  • Excellent organization and responsibility
  • Efficient planning and operation with transparency
  • Innovation and design of integrated solutions
  • High quality standards and steady development of new services aimed at maximum customer satisfaction
  • Reliability and fulfillment of our commitments
  • Emphasis on safety in the workplace




Providing Measurements and Tests of High, Medium and Low Voltage Equipment

Measurement of Medium Voltage Transformers - Reason for Transformation - Winding Resistance - Earth measurement - Dielectric Insulation Oil Resistance - Capacitor Testing - Heating Equipment for 'hot spots' - Checking the Status of Automatic Switches - Detection and Repair of Medium Voltage Cables - Cleaning of Insulating Oil with DELAVAL procedure - Checking Internal Electrical Installations according to ELOT HD384.





Total Quality, Health & Safety Management


The Quality Management Systems, Environmental Management and Safety and Health Management at work of the I.S.A. S.A become active: "Design, Construction & Supervision of Building, Electromechanical and Renewable Energy Projects", have been certified by the Agency in accordance with International:


  • ELOT EN ISO 90001: 2015
  • ELOT EN ISO 14001: 2015
  • OHSAS 180001: 2007


Welding Process


The I.S.A S.A applies a process of certified pipe welding of all diameters and thicknesses, WELDING PROCEDURE QUALIFICATION RECORD (WPQR) - TUV HELLAS according to the international standard:


  • EN/ISO 15614-1-2008


I.S.A A.E | Construction Company
Leoforos Chatzikiriakou 44
18538, Piraeus, Greece


call. +30 210 4290007/9
fax. (+30) 210 4290770

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